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Hello, I'm Kristin Atwood, a chef, film maker and entrepreneur with a passion for bringing food and cooking to the digital space.

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Hi! I’m the founder and CEO of the James Beard Foundation award nominated Chef Studio, an online learning resource for Chefs and passionate home cooks.
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Culinary Consulting

Culinary Consulting

I'm here to answer any questions you may have about food and cooking. I can also help you with product development, menu consultations, and food styling.



I film, edit, direct and produce video content for award winning artists, multi national companies and tourism boards. I also work on sponsored content with various companies for the Chef Studio Channel.

Web Design

Web Design

I create and design beautiful websites, social channels and premium subscription sites. Interested in seeing some of my work? You're looking at it.

Unique Projects

Unique Projects

While most of my time is dedicated to my work on Chef Studio and Foodscapes by Chef Studio, I will still accept select project proposals that pique my interest.

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I started working in kitchens professionally while in high school. After receiving my Honours BA from McMaster University and a certificate from the University of Oxford I decided that I just wasn’t finished with cooking. 

I threw myself into the world of cuisine and moved to Paris, France where I worked for Kristin Frederick of Le Camion Qui Fume, did a short stint under Jodie Riemer at Buvette and volunteered at a number of small boulangeries and patisseries, determined to learn as much as I could. 

Culinary Education and Experience:

I returned to Canada to study at the W. Galen Weston Centre for Food at Durham College and was awarded highest ranking graduate of both the Culinary Management Diploma program as well as the Advanced Baking and Pastry Arts post graduate course. 

During my time at the Centre for Food I was awarded the Professionalism Award as well as the very first Gold Medal Student Award, an all expenses paid scholarship to study at the Italian Culinary Institute in Calabria, Italy.  I was also able to represent the college at the Royal Agricultural Fair, was one of two Durham students sent to compete at Ontario Skills, and spoke on behalf of the college at the 2016 Summit on Talent and Skills in the New Economy. 

In my final year at Durham, I participated in Taste Canada’s Cook the Books Competition winning first place and the Trophy for Canada’s Best New Chefs 2016. 

As a Chef I have worked for a number of notable restaurants including, Le Camion Qui Fume’s, Freddies (Paris), Momofuku Daisho (Toronto), Graydon Hall Manor (Toronto), Bistro 67 (Whitby), Quay Commons and The Lookout (Edinburgh). 

Digital Media:

I got my first DSLR camera in University and quickly became obsessed with photographing food. The more I cooked the more I documented. I started a website to share my recipes, along the way learning website development and design. 

Eventually, I started a small company doing food photography, videography and web design for local businesses.  This grew rapidly, leading to opportunities working with multi-nationals including Pepsico, Doritos and BBDO as well as tourism boards including Tourism Ireland and Taste Kerry.  

While I currently devote most of my time to Chef Studio and Foodscapes by Chef Studio, I will still take on selective projects occasionally. 

Most recently, I produced and edited digital video content for award winning musicians Fjøra and Linda Perry’s reimagined song “What’s Up” for the Amazon Prime and Blumhouse “Welcome to the Blumhouse,” series trailer released in August of 2020. 

Chef Studio:

As part of my digital media business I created a youtube channel where I could share my work. To my surprise, the channel started to pick up traction. I decided to find a name that better suited the channel, my work and my company’s future. I registered Chef studio in Ontario, Canada in September of 2019. In the channel’s first year, I was named LYBRY’s featured creator in October of 2019, named YouTube’s creator on the Rise in February of 2020, nominated for a James Beard Foundation award in May of 2020 and featured nation wide in America on ABC’s Right This Minute. Currently the Chef Studio channel has an audience over of 56, 000 subscribers and has garnered over 2.5 millions views and 9.2 million minutes of watch time in the last year alone. In the spring of 2020 I was also approached by EPI Productions, a division of Bell Media about creating and starring in a television series based on Chef Studio. We are currently in the final development stages.
 The Chef Studio website currently offers both free content and premium content for subscribers. As Chef Studio continues to grow I hope to continue to make quality cooking content accessible.
What I’m Working On:
I plan to continue to nurture and grow Chef Studio but have also recently begun early stage development and research for a new culinary education based mobile app.

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